PureAssure is dedicated to helping families, business owners, employees and customers stay safe and healthy. We provide affordable, high-quality services and products to keep your air, water and surfaces clean and pure.

PureAssure is a woman- and veteran-owned business serving families and businesses in the Houston, Texas area. We have a history of employing veterans and volunteer firefighters. It’s our way of giving back to those who serve. It also ensures all employees have a solid work ethic. We conduct thorough background checks on all installation and repair team members so you can rest assured.

PureAssure Team Members

Nettie Sappington, Founder and CEO

Nettie brings a successful and diverse business background to PureAssure. Her experience includes several director- and manager-level positions working in the energy and logistics sectors. In these positions Nettie developed expertise in leadership, team building, business process and customer service.
A veteran of the United States Navy, Nettie earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is passionate about creating a safe, healthy and clean space for living and working and about delivering excellence in everything she does.

What colleagues say,

“She is diligent, committed, loyal, and totally focused.”

“She genuinely listens to others’ concerns.”

“Nettie is enthusiastic, involved and dedicated to providing the best experience possible to her customers.”

“Nettie’s general work ethic, inherent curiosity, drive for success, and overall abilities allow her to excel as the leader or major contributor of each work effort in which she participates.”

Rick Rios, Vice President, Operations

Rick brings his knowledge and experience of HVAC and his management skills to PureAssure. He worked as a HVAC technician’s assistant early in his career where he developed expertise in installation, repair and maintenance. Rick next held a series of management positions in energy, telecommunications and retail.
He currently resides in Houston.
Rick received his bachelor’s degree in business management at New York Institute of Technology.